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Redlak Recovery Center, PLLC is dedicated to delivering research driven and evidenced based treatment in its pure form and mentoring the next generation of mental health professionals to provide this type of therapy.

Treatment is self-empowering, time limited, has a beginning, middle, and end.

Redlak Recovery Center's therapeutic approach is collaborative, structured, directive, and active. It goes beyond traditional "talk-therapy." Specific techniques and concepts are taught during each session and next steps are identified for you to practice at home. "We work together on becoming experts of your patterns of thinking, feeling, and behaving so you can make real changes and learn new ways of reacting and responding to life challenges. You will learn how to think and behave in ways to obtain what you want."

Dr. Redlak-Olcese, the founder of Redlak Recovery Center, is a Certified Eating Disorder Specialist-Supervisor (CEDS-S) by the International Association of Eating Disorders Professionals and she received ongoing supervision in CBT-Enhanced, the leading evidenced based treatment for eating disorders, by The Centre for Eating Disorder Research (CREDO) at Oxford, England, Department of Psychiatry, from January 2012-2018.  She continues to engage in peer supervision with a CREDO senior clinical research clinician in order to enhance her professional skills.  She is a member of the Academy of Eating Disorders and a founding member of the Special Interest Group (SIG) for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in the treatment of eating disorders.  She provides ongoing supervision and mentoring to all of Redlak Recovery Center's treatment team members in order to help them develop and maintain their professional expertise in the treatment of eating disorders and associated disorders.

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE), which is an organization that promotes national standards of care endorsed CBT-Enhanced as the first single treatment recommended for an entire class of psychiatric disorders as of May, 23rd 2017.  CBT-Enhanced has been recommended across all Eating Disorder diagnoses for both adults and adolescents.  Dr. Redlak-Olcese provides this treatment in its pure form.



Dr. Redlak-Olcese also treats Depression, Anxiety (including social and health related anxiety), Mood, Adjustment, PTSD, Body Dysmorphic Disorder, OCD, Skin Picking, Choking/Vomiting Phobias, and clinical perfectionism. She also provides treatment for individuals who struggle with binge eating and obesity pre and post bariatric surgery.  She is dedicated to integrating evidence based research into clinical practice.